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Heritage & Philosophy

Joseph Mendelssohn


Our founding family has a long history in the financial industry dating back to the late 18th century through the establishment of two private/merchant banks: Oppenheim & Co in Koenigsberg and Bankhaus Mendelssohn & Co in Berlin.

We remain proud of our heritage, respecting traditional ethics combined with our experience in modern finance, in order to provide that personal touch, attention to detail and discretion that used to be the hallmark of banking pioneers.

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We pride ourselves in being truly independent and impartial, providing outstanding advice and service. Like the generations preceding us, we take the long-term view that success is closely intertwined with integrity and alignment with our clients. Our relationships embrace the long-term rather than the next reporting period which allows us to be selective about the clients we work with.

Our philosophy is founded on the promotion of partnership with a conservative approach to our business and the management of investor assets. We prefer steady growth over the pursuit of benchmarks and aim to preserve capital by limiting the downside in times of duress. While our style is thematic, we encompass a broad range of techniques to remain flexible in the face of the unexpected.

In today’s increasingly complex financial world we can help investors navigate efficiently through this opacity to achieve their financial, and ultimately their personal goals.