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Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory for professional investors who manage their own assets but want support from an independent investment adviser.

As an institutional client, whether you are a small bank, insurance company, pension fund, government agency, or sovereign wealth fund, you can entrust Knotstone as your independent partner who can help you navigate efficiently through today’s complex financial world.

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Independent and unbiased advice

Our Investment Advisory services range from building a bespoke long term strategy and asset allocation to meet your individual requirements through to the appointment and monitoring of the right investment managers to put your capital to work in the most effective way.

We offer different levels of service depending on how much time you wish to spend on investment decision making and how much involvement and expertise you require. We provide you with expert investment knowledge to make informed portfolio decisions, allowing you to stay in control of your investments. You make the final decisions on your investments with advice provided by our experts.

We understand that markets can sometimes be a challenging place which is why we offer a tailored advisory service to help you achieve your investment goals. Your advisor will work with you to understand your aims and requirements and can guide you on all of your decisions while also offering expertly researched investment ideas.

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Our Investment Advisory approach combines the following attributes:

  • We provide clear, independent and un-conflicted advice to help you develop the right strategy that suits your needs.
  • We focus on what matters most: Your strategic asset allocation is the key driver of returns and we provide you with the advice, insight and analysis to help you meet your objectives.
  • Tactical trade ideas: With your long-term investment strategy in place, you may also want to consider taking advantage of certain short-term, tactical opportunities our Investment Committee brings as and when they align with your strategy and whether for a particular investment theme, asset class, geographic region, particular sector or company.
  • Fixed-income and equities: Our asset class specialists advise on fixed-income and equity recommendations in line with our high conviction investment themes in both developed and emerging markets.
  • Structured products and derivatives: We tailor products around your risk and return objectives. These structures are highly flexible and can be linked to equities, fixed-income securities, commodities or foreign exchange.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. For more information on our Investment Advisory services, please contact us

Why do you offer Investment Advisory services only to professional and institutional clients, but not to private clients?

Our Investment Advisory services are tailored around specific requirements and have deliverables formatted for use by professional and institutional investors. This differs from traditional private banks which often embed advisory within their Execution Services and the client may get an opinion for a trade or is 'sold a trade'.

How are your Investment Advisory services priced?

Depending on the scope and client requirements, our Advisory services are priced either on a fixed monthly fee or based on the assets (basis points per annum) of a specific portfolio which we would be advising against.