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Global Custody & Execution

Knotstone offers private and institutional clients multi-currency, multi-asset accounts for global custody and execution services. Through our correspondent network, we can execute and custody any security worldwide, including physical precious metals as well as private non-listed securities.


Flexible Custody and Execution Services

Clients can transmit orders to our traders telephonically or via a number of electronic communication systems and protocols.

Our competitive and flexible custody solution comes with a service package that includes trade capture, execution, settlement, safekeeping, corporate actions, and income collection. Our solution-based approach for Custody and Execution Services offers:

  • Efficient trade settlement, reconciliation and consolidation of assets
  • Access to execution services spanning all assets and markets
  • Reduced running costs, overheads and administration
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Safety First

Safety and low operational risk are paramount to us and our philosophy. We therefore apply a ‘dual-layer’ of safety whereby on the one hand we work with some of the world’s largest systemically important financial institutions and on the other, we keep client assets segregated from our and our correspondents’ and sub-custodians’ balance sheets.

If you are an Independent Financial Advisor, a multi-family office or an external asset manager, we can support your and your clients' custody and execution needs by giving you access to our operational capabilities that will help you grow your business.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions. For more information on our Custody & Execution services, please contact us

How are my assets secured and how do you ensure the safety of client assets?

As a regulated financial institution offering custody services, we are required under law to segregate 'client assets' from our 'own assets'. All client assets are held in segregated omnibus accounts with our correspondent sub-custodians and do not form part of our balance sheet. This segregation is a key differential between custodians versus traditional banks and one of the reasons why custody carries an associated cost/fee while typical bank accounts and their deposits earn interest. In a bank account, the client is a creditor to the bank and the bank gets to use the client deposits at will, i.e. for lending to third parties. In a custody account, the custodian does not use or lend out client assets.

What investments and asset classes can you execute and custody?

We can execute and hold in custody nearly all listed securities on any exchange worldwide, including OTC securities/derivatives whether cleared on an exchange or not. In addition, we can also execute and hold on your behalf non-listed private assets and investments such as hedge funds, private equity participations, real estate & raw land, as well as fine art & collectibles.

What are the costs for an account for Custody and Execution services?

Custody fees are charged as a percentage (in basis points per annum) of the assets held in custody, depend on the size of the assets held and can vary between asset classes.

Execution services (transaction costs of buy/sells) are typically charged as a percentage of the transaction value or in some product types (e.g. futures) as a fixed fee per contract.